Helping your child settle in to nursery

Helping your child settle in to nursery

Helping your child settle in.

Nursery is the start of your child’s school life and over a period of time he/she will develop happy relationships with us and the other children.  Some children settle quickly into the new and different environment whilst others take much longer.  Please don’t worry unduly if your child takes a while to settle; remember, nursery is often the first big step away from you and into the world outside the home.

To help us begin the settling process we like to ‘home visit’ each family.  This has proved to be a tremendous success for everyone.  The visit gives parents/carer the opportunity to meet staff who will be caring for and educating your child, and have any questions answered in the comfort of your own home.  We want this to be a happy experience for everyone, and details of dates and times will be sent to you in the post.

When your child does stay happily without you, please try to collect him/her on time to prevent your child from feeling upset or worried unnecessarily.

We do have many “messy” activities available daily, e.g. painting, sticking, clay, water play etc., and although we try to ensure aprons are worn, sometimes clothes do become spoiled, therefore it would be most helpful if they did not wear ‘best’ clothes.  We do keep a supply of spare clothes in case accidents occur and would be most grateful if you have any ‘spares’ [especially underwear] you don’t need at home.

We encourage our children to be as independent as possible, especially when going to the toilet and washing hands etc., so clothing with few belts, buttons and braces, etc. will enable the children to take care of their own needs, thereby giving them a great deal of confidence in their own ability.  Adults are always close by to help and support if necessary.