Moving from nursery to reception

Moving from nursery to reception.

We encourage links with school throughout the year by visiting the main building, to join in concerts and plays and to meet the children and teachers.

During your child’s last term in the nursery the school reception class teachers will visit the nursery and get to know their “new children”, in the children’s familiar surroundings.  The staff will also accompany the children to their new reception classes on occasions, and gradually introduce them to the new routine and what the new environment has to offer.  You too, will be invited to visit school with your child, to meet the new teacher and share some of the new classroom experiences.

When the children start reception they are accompanied by the nursery staff for up to one week.  This helps the children feel secure and confident in their new surroundings.  It also enables the staff from nursery/reception to discuss the children’s needs and abilities ready for base line assessment.

We are really looking forward to working with you and your child in September, and remember, we want to share and celebrate with you and your family all your child’s achievements at The Sue Hedley Nursery School!