Rainbow Nursery Garden

Outdoor Areas

What is Outdoor Learning?

Based on the success of many Scandinavian countries, we invite the children to come outside to learn through play and exploring the world they inhabit. Everyday we try to spend time outside and rather than shying away from our British weather, we embrace it and use every opportunity as a learning experience. Rain, wind, ice and even snow all help the children develop. Seeing the seasons first hand and watching nature unfold is, for some, no longer an option, but here at the centre we share these vital experiences with the children who thrive on fresh air and wonderful stimulation.

Each area has been has been carefully planned to create an environment suited to each particular age/ability group, they can run, jump, climb, balance, look for insects in the wildlife areas, read books, play in the dens or the wooden play house, dig in the digging box, find treasure or make maps. The children in the nursery have their own safe self contained outdoor areas; which include a fenced paved free flow area and a fenced woodland area.

The Rainbow Garden