The Sue Hedley Nursery School provides a unique opportunity for children to learn in an environment that offers a range of experiences for children from 2 to 4 years of age accessing their free 15 hours per week education. You can check if you are eligible for 2 year old funding at the Children’s Centre. We also offer 30 hours per week for eligible families. You can check your eligibility at

We work in partnership with the adjoining Children’s Centre which is able to provide day care places for children from birth to five, 50 weeks of the year, on a fee paying basis.  Application for admission into day care should be made separately.

As there is a demand for the services available in the school we have developed criteria for pupil admissions which are fair to all families and their children.  To assist us in allocating places to those children who meet the admissions criteria we are requesting that you complete the following questionnaire.

Criteria for Admission to the 2-5’s Nursery School:

The primary purpose of the 2-5’s Nursery School is to provide one years’ part time pre-reception class experience for children who will start infant education in September. January and April intakes will be dependent on numbers.

Child’s Age on Date of Application:

A child must have reached the age of two years before parents are able to place their child’s name on the waiting list.

Allocation of Places:

 We will try to accommodate individual needs regarding morning or afternoon placements for children. However, when allocating places, consideration must be given to the balance of pupils reflecting children’s gender, age and special needs. This may result in a placement being offered which does not match the option stated on the application questionnaire.
 If an alternative place has been offered, parents may request that their child be considered for any vacancies that may arise in their preferred choice of session.
 Allocation of placement will not take account of the date of receipt of parental application.
 Criteria for admission will be reviewed annually at the beginning of the Summer Term.
 Letters offering your child a place at the nursery will be sent out in Spring Term or the term before their third birthday.
 Criteria will be applied in priority order as published.

How will children be admitted?

Parents and children are invited to the nursery to find out how the school, and to be introduced to staff. We also invite you and your child to attend one of our morning or afternoon sessions in the Nursery before they start.
We really want to make your child feel welcome when he / she comes to the Nursery School for the first time, and so the introduction of children to the nursery will begin with Home visits. These Home Visits are at the discretion of you the parent, and will involve staff coming to visit your child in the comfort of his / her own home and find out what they like to do, or any special needs that he / she may have.
Children will be admitted into the nursery on a ‘phased’ basis. This involves ALL parents staying with their child on their first day of Nursery. The sessions gradually build up each day until your child is settled. If your child has difficulty settling and staff feel that it would be best for you to stay, then we would keep the session to a more manageable length of time for your child.
We will prepare well for all children coming into the Nursery School/Centre to ensure the transition between home and Nursery School/Centre is as smooth as possible.

Criteria for admittance:

1. ‘Looked after children’ meaning children accommodated by the local authority.
2. Children with diagnosed special educational needs.
3. Other children accessing professional support for example, English as an additional language, family support children etc.
4. Concurrent sibling link – brother or sister only attending the nursery when the child will be admitted. (This includes adoptive siblings, half siblings, step siblings, long-term fostered children residing at the same address.)
5. Shortest distance from the centre of the parental home residence (including flats) to the main nursery entrance as measured as a straight line using the Local Authority Geographical System (GIS) with those living closer to the nursery receiving higher priority.
The distance measured will be used as a tie-breaker within each criterion where necessary.
There is no right of appeal against an offer of a free early years place. However, you may contact the early year’s team if you believe your child has not received his or her free entitlement.
Early Years Team, Gordon House, Gordon Street, South Shields, NE33 4JP.
Tel. (0191) 4246476

When will my child be offered a place?

Letters will be sent out to the address for correspondence that you give on the application form you will then have four weeks to accept the place. If you do not reply within this time period, another letter will be sent, explaining that the place has been withdrawn. Please ensure that you inform us if your address changes between completing the application form and your child being offered a place.


Parents will normally be informed if a place is to be offered around the week before the Easter holidays.
Places may be available in the term after your child’s third birthday (January/April) and you will be informed in November or March prior to the term they are starting.
This academic year the school is offering places following the child’s third birthday. This will be offered in conjunction with yourselves if it is felt appropriate for the needs of your child.

Judith Reay
Head Teacher


Please complete our online admissions form

Alternatively you can print out a paper copy of our admissions form and hand it in to the office.

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