Physical Development is one of the Prime Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The Sue Hedley Nursery School practices the HighScope philosophy across all areas of learning incorporating the Birth to five matters, this is how it looks within Physical Development.


The Sue Hedley Nursery School provides opportunities which enable children to discover, explore and engage in first hand experiences. Our curriculum is designed to be accessible for all children, regardless of ability. We ignite children’s interest in learning by creating an environment that encourages them to explore learning materials and interact with adults and peers. Active learning is at the centre of The Sue Hedley Nursery School and is the foundation for our children to gain knowledge through their natural play and interactions with the environment, events, and other people.


We nurture children’s strong need to be physically active which builds the foundations for other areas of their development by building children’s strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination, and dexterity. We do this by developing children’s fine and large motor skills. Fine motor skills depend on gross motor skills, which is why we offer a joined-up approach for whole body physicality and strength. By providing interesting experiences which help children practice their fine motor skills and using purposeful tools and small movements to develop children’s accuracy and precision skills. At small group times we offer cooking, gardening, fixing, and making creations. The fine manipulative control skills developed in these activities will begin to provide the fundamentals for holding a pencil for drawing, mark-making, and writing when children are developmentally ready.


We offer a rich indoor and outdoor environment, which is fully accessible to all children providing a thought-provoking space for children to explore and discover. Physical development is valued and promoted through the planning and layout of the nursery, providing authentic resources throughout our provision. Equipping the outdoor area to support large motor skills with a base layer of resources to promote balance and upper body strength e.g., balance bikes, scooters, wheeled vehicles, wheelbarrows.


We have an amazing on-site Forest School; Our Forest School activities are designed to be interesting and engaging with hands on real experiences. We feel Learning through play and child-led learning results in higher levels of interest, which in turn improves children’s attention and concentration. Children are encouraged to assess risks themselves and decide when to take risks. The encouraged risk-taking, access to the natural world, firsthand experiences and learning through play, result in increased confidence with the children at our nursery. Our Children learn how to assess problems and make their own decisions about the best way to solve the problem.


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