Mathematics is a specific area of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


The Sue Hedley Nursery School practises the HighScope Philosophy across all areas of learning incorporating the Birth to 5 Matters, this is how it looks within Mathematics.


We know that children start developing an understanding of mathematical concepts from an early age. This happens through opportunities that occur in everyday life. This means that mathematics is everywhere. We aim to provide an engaging environment that facilitates these opportunities through open-ended play. Our practitioners are skilled at ensuring opportunities are maximised through thoughtful interactions with the children.


Our High Scope philosophy focuses on our children as active learners. Young children need to be active. They base all their growing knowledge, understanding and skills on real experiences, by using real materials and through sharing their discoveries with others.


We believe mathematics in the early years should be real, hands-on and multisensory. Children develop their mathematical thinking when they can touch, feel and manipulate concrete resources. In our nursery mathematical skills are taught through meaningful contexts.

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