The work of the nursery.

You will discover that when the children have settled in they will work very hard.  Our curriculum has been developed according to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in the Foundation Stage and Highscope Key Developmental Indicators, and we are aware that our provision of a stimulating environment is necessary to develop their own individual skills.

By working in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and showing the children natural affection, we feel they will become confident in our care and enjoy their time with us.


Children have already learned a good deal from you, by observing them playing and questioning about everything they see around them.  In the nursery this learning will continue as new skills are acquired, and our nursery environment is organised to keep changing, to stimulate new ideas and effective learning situations.  The children will learn more about the way reading, mathematics and writing are used in daily life and begin to experiment themselves using more expressive language to convey their ideas.

Conversation with the staff and other children is positively encouraged and we like the children to ask questions and express their ideas during all their activities, thereby developing their ability to understand and organise their varied experiences.

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You will notice we aim to display children’s work, as well as photographs and written information in various areas of the nursery to try to explain the value of certain activities.  Please read them when possible and feel most welcome to ask questions about our work.

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The progress your child makes is carefully monitored by the staff and we will be glad to discuss this with you.  Indeed we arrange individual appointments with all parents in the Autumn Term, in January and again at the end of the nursery year, to inform you of the progress he/she is making.