Personal, Social and Emotional Development is fundamental to all other aspects of lifelong development and learning, and is key to childrenā€™s wellbeing and resilience.

Our High Scope ethos encourages our children to explore learning through adult and peer interactions. There is a strong focus on supporting our children to make decisions, develop socially and emotionally and become part of the nursery school community.

We understand that children need to feel happy, safe and secure in order for them to learn and reach their full potential. This area of learning is prioritised within our setting by our experienced early years practitioners who spend time tuning into the needs and interest of each individual child as they support them to settle into nursery life. Our children are happy and motivated who come into nursery school with big smiles.

We successfully support all our children to develop resilience, confidence and independence.Ā  We encourage our children to have a can do approach and this can be observed by them developing their self-care skills. getting their coats on, making healthy choices at snack time and developing their risk taking skills in trying out new things out in their play.

We establish strong relationships between the children and adults and we proudly encourage our children to show kindness and concern to one another. We support our children in using the High Scope steps to resolving conflicts.

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