One of the Prime Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage is Communication and Language. This area of development provides the foundation for all the other areas of learning.

At the Sue Hedley Nursery School, we believe that language and communication unlock learning.

Through daily reflections in conjunction with in the moment teaching and planning practitioners follow the child’s lead for learning. Practitioners introduce the practice of communication and language through a process of building blocks that all piece together to incorporate the development of each individual child.

Through thorough continual summative assessments referrals are made efficiently to Speech and Language, Pre-School and Portage and other necessary outside agencies to ensure that children get the correct support and action plans in place.

Practitioners are trained with a range of communication strategies including; The Hannen Program, High Scope, Makaton signing, the use of visual aids, colourful semantics and PECS. We also have small one and one sessions and small group sessions that support and develop children’s language and communication skills with great success.

We are proud of the developing inquisitive minds of our children who capitalise on the opportunities provided in the nursery environment and through peer and practitioner daily interactions.

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